Entry: #24 Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Came to work at 8.30am this morning & wait for Ate Vangie. There's a Teachers' Assembly (Mini-Exhibition for schools) at MOE today and it starts at 9.00am. Ate Vangie came at 8.35am while I was arranging the stuff needed to bring there.

It's around 8.45am when we leave the office. We closed the school first, as per Kuya Jonn's. He called us while we're on the way. When we arrived at the MOE, Kuya Jonn meet us and we headed to the assembly hall. There were only a few people there, the rest is yet to come - I guess. Seems like the phrase "Early bird, catches the early worm" doesn't apply anymore to anyone.

There are no table for us when we arrived, so we spend couple of minutes there standing while Kuya Jonn look for the person he'd spoken to, or just about anyone who knows where our table was. Then a lady came, apparently the one who spoke to Kuya Jonn, and lead us to our table.

After that, I have to go back to school to re-open it. And here I am, just summing up what just happened couple of hours ago. Pretty boring entry, but who's reading?...

Oh well, til the next updates! Tongue


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July 17, 2007   04:20 PM PDT
dummer! =^_^= tnx for being an avid fan of my blogs! lolz!!! mwahugz!!!
July 7, 2007   05:10 PM PDT
Who said no one is reading this? i'm reading it... i came in time to time to see if you have any new post... n today i found it lol
good luck in ur career!!! dumdum

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